Olmos Speech, Language and Learning Center | San Antonio, Texas
Olmos Speech, Language and Learning Clinic
Olmos Speech, Language, and Learning Clinic has been a resource in the San Antonio area to children and adolescents with speech, language, or academic problems for over 30 years. Olmos Clinic works closely with parents, schools, and other professionals to optimize development in the children we serve. We see ourselves as advocates for our clients and their families.

What do we do?
Diagnostic Evaluations, Speech and Language Therapy, Academic Therapy, School/Parent Consultation, Preschool Screening, Reading Therapy and Fast ForWord Provider. [learn more ]

What should my child be able to do?
Does your 3 month old quiet or smile when spoken to? Does your 18 month old ask one- or two- word questions? Can your 5 year old answer simple questions about a short story? Find out what's normal. [learn more]

How do I know if my child has a reading problem?
Teacher Checklist [click here]
Parent Checklist [click here]

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